What’s the difference between ‘Golden Light Therapy‘ and ‘The Reconnection or Reconnective Healing’? In general both therapies have the same goal, which is to lift the vibration human body posesses to a higher level, as high as possible in order to provide it with bigger energetic flow throughout the body and to reach a higher level of awareness of self and surroundings in all aspects.

The difference is with the instructions, that have not been introduced to the public, or to people of interest atleast (by the energies that wish to help), or maby their knowledge of the physical body of the earth human is a mistery to them.

  • Bringing the vibrational level of the body and its energy to a higher level is conditioned with the human body being clear of all abnormalities in energy fluctuations…which means plainly said, there should be no enteties or spirits there in the physical body that do not belong there. The body can only contain the energy it belongs to. It the body is not clear of enteties and spirits that do not belong there, the vibration comming from the therapist is wraping the body but not penetrating where it should, and once the therapy is over, the body returnes to its stage it was before the therapy. The body moved during this therapy alot, that should mean the vibration went through and did its effect, but no. The case is the entety or spirit inside did its best to fight it, that is what moved the body.
  • Adding the vibration to a to high level can cause physical illness, not a deadly one but enough to keep a person in bed for a week or so…but this is talking about a earth spirit or young pleiadian with no baggage, or another race incarnated here, with no baggage…but in my experience, for instance a pleiadian that comes near a higher age and has some memories of a heavy maltreatment can have a bit of a overload for the physical body, that may end with critical consequences if not monitored carefully during therapy and in that case, when it gets to much the therapy must be stopped and proceeded next time, give the physical body to recuperate a little bit.
  • Movements during a therapy are not something that is common in therapies. Each physical body has a different effect in recieving the vibration. Movements however do have much to do with how old the energy is, how clear the flow through the physical body is, how many and how burdening the blockages are (those of genetic origin and those of energetic origin), big influence on movements is also the ‘race’ of energy, which causes a big difference in energy in the beginning, for every race has a different energy fluctuation, and vibrations actully inflict different changes on different race.
  • This last one would probably be the most important one…the connection with the Universe, in my oppinion is a scam…but than again some wish to do it for the sake of the feeling they get from the sound of these words ‘you are connected to the Universe’…first thing, not everyone can be connected, why? Becouse earth spirit has no need of this connection and you can try all you want, you can not connect this energy if you split yourself in half you still can’t, this would be a promisse you can not keep, something you will not be able to do!!!…’races’ not belonging to this origin do need to be connected, so they keep connection to their own source of energy…but, the connection does not happen just becouse after three therapies you pay a connection to the Universe. This takes a whole different procedure…for which in a way you need no help at all, just the help of therapy to clear your body enough so the energy can flactuate through the body undisturbed…and that’s what it takes…for some races a few things happen on the therapy sessions, but in general, for all races, it happens when the fluctuation of energy is clear enough…no special preparations or ceremonies…just bringing the energy to its ‘whole self’ and it will proceed on-its-own, for it is its own flow…no throwing away big money for no cause is needed.