Healing Touch of Golden Light Therapy is piece of the past that you get back, piece of that, which was taken from us, piece of that, which makes us whole.

Therapy does not erase troubled situations you are facing, therapy does not, and can not change you into a whole different person that you are not, it can only help you become exactly the person you sense you are, but have trouble to push that ‘you’ on the surface.

The therapy removes blockages, because of which some situations seem to hard to face, but that does not mean it also erases situations. What it does is, it removes that feeling of fear, that is nothing but illusion, learned through generations, people trying to restrain and lead others, and many, many years later it became just another feeling, but the most binding one of all…it’s that most common feeling, that prevents you from taking a step forward and be who you are, because you are to busy following someone else’s dreams and desires, because that’s easier than going directions you feel you wish to go and along the way you forget or burying your own dreams deep down, in order to please others…don’t be scared of what people would think about you…if others can’t handle you being different it is not your problem to deal with, it is only of the ones who can not deal with the fact you are living your own dreams! That is what the therapy is all about, pushing you toward that what you should be in the first place, not what others want you to be! The only way you can get that which you know belongs to you is to be you.