Have you been asking yourself how to protect yourself against ghosts or do you maybe have problems because you live in a haunted home? We can help you Establish Ghost Protection!
Belowe you can read some facts how I do Clearings of Haunted Homes or Haunted Person.


There are several different entities shadowing this world. Some are always invisible, causing no damage or problems whatsoever. But there are those that trouble physical life.

There is a way to remove them from the physical world and into the energetic world where, they belong and need to be, to have the chance to move on and no longer harass the physical life.

These clearings are permanent for only the entity that was a subject of removal, which does not include others that may come. In order to reach that stage of permanent clearing, an energetic protection is possible to be established in order to prevent any other entity of any kind to enter the area that is being cleared.


This is a vibrational field that prevents the entry or crossing the high vibrational field, to any vibration or energy that contains a lower vibration than the vibration of the energetic protection.

Protection is a vibration field, which is higher than the vibration of the Earth, this is the reason that the protection works and does not fall, regardless of the manner or means used for removal or damaging the field.

Before the establishment of the vibration field, the area is cleaned and sealed with the vibrating field. Within the field the higher vibration is constant, not decreasing and not changing. The high vibration may cause discomfort to visitors coming into the field with evil intentions or very pleasant and familiar feeling to those who come with good intentions. The overall effect is one that attracts the positive things and repels negative, low vibration.